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  • Shreyak Singh


I often see a lot of photographers just shooting for the sake of it; there is no meaning or purpose behind the photos. Pick up the camera today and wander into the streets trying to capture some moment if you see one. But once you are back and are not satisfied with the images, what do you do with them?

Well, these images you clicked are not just for yourself, even though they might not be your favourite or might not serve any purpose to you. Sharing these images can be beneficial to a lot of people. Here's where putting up those images for stock use will come in handy for a lot of people.

Putting up images for stock uses has a lot of its benefits for you as well, and not just the other party.

1) If the person is using these images for a commercial purpose, you get credits, and these can help get you a few backlinks which in turn boosts your search engine optimization.

2) Most of the brands take commercial licences for the images they are going to use to represent their brand. These licenses could be beneficial for the creator as commercial licenses for images cost a bomb, and this is a great earning opportunity.

3) The big brands might request you to come on as a full-time photographer for a particular project to work on a series of pictures if they like your style of work.

Here are some websites where you can upload or submit your work :

So, don't leave any stone unturned, even if the pictures don't seem to be fitting your needs. Set them afloat in the market and wait to see the opportunities they get you when they strike the right chord with the right people.